Welcome to the Hutt Valley Grey Power Associations

There are three associations in the valley, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt and Wainuiomata and you are encouraged to investigate what each association can offer you, what is happening in your area and who your local contacts are by checking their sub web from the link above. Membership is open to all with the focus being on the 50 plus age group.

We are an advocacy group, with various board members spending approximately one week every two months in Wellington talking to the people in Government that have the power to make the changes we are advocating for.

One of our main concerns is the level of superannuation. For some, it is difficult to have a fulfilling life on the current level of payment.

Further concerns are with the health system and the ever-escalating cost of electricity. From a poll of our members, we determined that the cost of electricity was their major concern, as it is monthly and seems to be more expensive each time. With a fixed income such as New Zealand’s Superannuation, when prices for energy (electricity and petrol) escalate, then something else has to be forgone; sometimes food, clothing or worst of all, adequate heating in the colder regions during winter.

In the area of health there are three problem areas that affect the elderly; Failing sight caused by cataracts; onset of diminution in hearing and the high cost of hearing aids; lack of mobility due to deterioration of hip, knee and ankle joints. Sight and mobility can be attended to by elective surgery but, sadly, this is just not available to most and certainly not within the much-vaunted six-month waiting list period.

While we are active in all the other areas mentioned above, health and electricity are currently a main concern.

Grey Power’s Aims and Objectives

  1. To advance, support and protect the welfare and well-being of older people.
  2. To affirm and protect that statutory right of every New Zealand resident, to a sufficient New Zealand Superannuation entitlement.
  3. To strive for a provision of a quality Health Care to all New Zealand residents regardless of income and location.
  4. To oppose all discriminatory and disadvantageous legislation affecting rights, security and dignity.
  5. To be non-aligned with any political party, and to present a strong united lobby to all Parliament and statutory Bodies on matters affecting New Zealanders.
  6. To promote and establish links with kindred organizations.
  7. To promote recognition of the wide-ranging services provided by senior citizens of New Zealand.
  8. To gain recognition as an appropriate voice for all older New Zealanders.