Superannuation to be a state tax funded scheme payable at the age of 65 years that allows the retired person an adequate income to live in reasonable comfort and dignity, and be able to participate fully in the community. That superannuation be accepted as an entitlement and non-means tested. This income should include a special provision to provide for the needs of the person living alone. A multi-party Superannuation Accord should secure the scheme.
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To protect and promote the health of New Zealanders through the public health system.  We will strive to have a Parliamentary Accord on health that interprets the declared will of the majority of the citizens of New Zealand and not a system that reflects the aspirations of any current government.

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Social Services

All persons in New Zealand should have access to, and be accurately informed of, all entitlements, initiatives or changes that affect them.  Equal opportunity must exist in all areas of Social Services to ensure a fair and equitable standard of living for all.

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Essential Services

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Law and Order

To seek a fairer justice system encompassing all people in New Zealand and to strive to make people safe in their homes and on the streets.

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50 Plus

To improve living standards, benefits and equal work opportunities for those aged 50-65.
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To ensure that there is no further privatization of water and public sate assets and to resist any sales of SOEs.

Privacy Policy

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